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  1. 1969

    The Menichetti Law Firm was founded in Verona in 1969 by Professor Attorney Pier Rodolfo Menichetti (Rome 1945 – Verona 2004) concentrating in all areas of labor law, social security and trade union law, as well as commercial distribution contracts.

  2. 1985

    In 1985 attorneys Claudio Damoli and Lorenzo Cantone joined the Firm, followed in 1988 by attorney Andrea Dell’Omarino, and in 1991 by attorney Enzo Pisa, all of whom specialize in labor law, social security and trade union law.








  3. 1989

    As early as the late 1989, the Firm began collaborating with one of the most well-respected law entities specializing in labor law in central Italy, the Law Firm of Prof. Attorney Sergio Magrini di Roma (Perugia 1938 – Roma 2016), headed by one of the greatest labor law scholars. This collaboration then gave rise to a real partnership with Prof. Gaetano Zilio Grandi, tenured professor in labor law at the Ca` Foscari University of Venice. Throughout the 1990s, the Firm increasingly implemented its experience in the field of labor law in crisis situations (collective redundancies, internal corporate transfers, insolvency procedures, ordinary and extraordinary redundancy payments, etc.), in trade union law (collective bargaining agreements, workers on strike in the public service sector, union representation within a company, etc.), with substantial emphasis in social security law, agency contracts and trade distribution contracts in general, having collaborated with law firms in Italy and abroad.

  4. 2004

    In 2004 attorney Fabiana Menichetti, practicing in subordinate/dependent employment law including international and agency relationships, joined the Firm. Thanks to attorney Menichetti, in the following years the Firm will further implement an already active promotion and organization of conferences addressing the most important issues of labor law and commercial distribution.

  5. 2006

    In 2006, Osvaldo Cantone, attorney specialized in collective cases of employment law and trade union law, joined the Firm followed, in 2008, by Gilda Pisa, attorney specialized in employment law, public employment law and social security law.

  6. 2009 - 2010

    Between 2009 and 2010, the Firm also started an active collaboration with Limatola Law Firm of Naples and in this context a branch was opened in Milan, a few steps from the Court and the Labor Section. The opening of the Milan office represented an important step in the Firm's development strategy, aimed at meeting the needs of a highly qualified clientele and guaranteeing increasingly effective legal assistance close to national and international clients.

  7. 2013

    In 2013, thanks also to the start of an important collaboration with Dr. Gianni Anichini, Vice President in charge of the "G. Veronesi" Industrial Vocational Training Center of Rovereto, who first held the position of Director and then Vice President of Confindustria Trento, the Firm opened a third office in Trento to meet the ever-increasing demands of the already large clientele in Trentino and Alto Adige.

  8. 2014

    In 2014, to provide stronger coverage in the territory of Verona and the surrounding province, the Firm also opened a seat in Legnago (Verona), in the context of which meetings and training sessions have been established with clients and professionals of the Verona south area.

  9. 2015

    In 2015, to crown a path of increasing attention to quality and the ability to address complex issues, comes the coveted recognition as the Best Italian Firm of the Year in Industrial Relations Law , awarded by Top Legal, a prize that complements the many awards already obtained with the Le Fonti Awards, won by the firm as a Boutique of Excellence in Labor Law.

  10. 2016-2017

    In 2016 an intense activity of internal rationalization of competences continued, also in view of the possible expansion of the structure, already started in previous years and intensified with the activity in the province of Bolzano and in South Tyrol. In the same year, the firm became a member of ELLEX - Euro Latam Lex - an International network of Law Firms based in Madrid. In 2017, the Firm received further awards, including the Loy Banking and Finance Award, received in the field of Labor Law as a Law Firm of Labor Law Banking.

  11. 2018-2021

    Starting from December 2018, a partnership has been started with the Agostinelli and Paltrinieri Law Firm, with the opening of a new office in Bolzano. Also, in 2018, lawyer Simone Brun joined the Firm. In 2019 the Firm celebrates 50 years of activity, crowned by the winning of the Le Fonti Prize, awarded to the Firm as the Labour Law Legal Team of the Year, and awarded also in the second edition of the Legalcommunity Italian Awards, as the Labour Legal Team of the Year - Veneto.

Our company is known throughout North Italy as one of the best as regards the specialized discipline of the labor law, social security law and trade unions and industrial relations law

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