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Labour Law

We deal with all matters relating to labor law, both in the public and private sector.
We provide legal assistance before ordinary civil and administrative courts, and in out-of-court venues (as well as before boards and committees).
In both contexts we provide legal advice and assistance in all matters relating to the constitution, execution and termination of employment relationships of any kind (subordinate/dependant employees, subcontractors, autonomous/independent), including any type of collective procedure, such as company takeover and collective redundancies.
We have acquired considerable expertise in the field of employment management issues and new labor law issues, such as employment discrimination and workplace mobbing. We normally practice in insolvency procedures and address all labor law issues related to merger/acquisition deal, business transfer recstructuring and downsizing procedures.


Trade unions and industrial relations law

We provide assistance and advice on all aspects of labor union law (anti-union practices, trade unions, strikes, including in essential public services) and collective bargaining for national, territorial and business purposes (collective bargaining and new contracts).
We advise clients in the field of relations in managing difficult situations, restructuring and crisis management, providing broad spectrum support to resolve every sort of collective/union and individual issue.
We provide assistance before administrative offices, agencies and competent public bodies as well as in court in all the proceedings relating to matters of trade union law.

Company takeover
Trade unions and industrial relations law

Social security law

We provide assistance and advice on all issues directly and indirectly linked to the right to employment security and social security (social security contributions, social security benefits, e.g. for CIG (income assistance), NASpl (the New Social Insurance Provision for Employment), illness, maternity and pensions) and Social Security Issues and occupational disease prevention (occupational accidents and illnesses), including issues related to individual and corporate responsibility.
We also engage in advisory and assistance activities when checking or verifying inspections and/or regulatory procedures regarding alleged violations, as well as with the corporate entities.
We undertake all activities aimed at protecting clients in administrative and judicial matters through administrative appeals, appeals of assessments, objections to injunctions, payment records and billing notices, as well as any litigation related to matters of liability, including compensation, for breach of safety/security and workplace safety regulations.


Commercial distribution law

Our practice deals with both at national and international level with typical and atypical contracts related to commercial distribution, including franchising and dealership law.
We have the advantage of consolidated experience in agency law, both in the industrial and commercial sectors.
We provide assistance before any ordinary judicial or arbitral body.
We provide consultation on all matters concerning the stipulation, execution and termination of distribution contracts, regarding compliance issues and all sectors of collective bargaining, including in the extra-European context, thanks to the participation in specialized networks of commercial distribution agreements, both at national and international levels.

Trade unions and industrial relations law

Private law and tax law

The Firm also deals with civil law with particular regard to debt collection, enforcement proceedings and damages claims, both contractual and non-contractual, not only related to the employment relationship. As far as Tax Law is concerned, the Firm deals with the management of administrative deflective institutions before the Tax Administration and Local Authorities, as well as with Tax litigation before the Tax Jurisdiction - Provincial and Regional Tax Commission - and the Superior Magistracy - Court of Cassation. The assistance is provided for both companies and individuals.

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